The Momentum-610 stand-up pouch making machine is designed specifically for short to medium runs of full-featured stand-up pouches.


Shortest change overs in the industry.

This machine is ideal for the digital printing market and other customer operations that consist of a few hundred to tens of thousands of pouches in a single set up. With the shortest change over times in the industry, the Momentum-610SUP sets the bar for efficiency and machine up time.

Standard features included

  • Independent servo draw systems
  • Servo knife with independent servo sealers/coolers
  • Built-in flange zipper system
  • Four zone web-tension control
  • Nip-driven unwind system
  • Built-in indexing conveyor
  • Two independent punch carriages (one with tear notch and one with hanger hole)
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Heater and thermocouple break alarms
  • Eye averaging function (smoothing function)
  • Built-in 2nd cut feature

Pouch configurations

  • Three side seal
    Three side seal
  • Header seal
    Header seal
  • Three side seal with zipper
    Three side seal with zipper
  • Stand-up Doyen seal tooling required
    Stand-up Doyen seal tooling required
  • Stand-up angle seal
    Stand-up angle seal

Optional pouch configurations

  • Quad seal
    Quad seal
  • Side gusset
    Side gusset
  • Velcro zipper
    Velcro zipper
  • Slider zipper
    Slider zipper
  • Corner round
    Corner round
  • Bottom-load
  • Shaped pouches
    Shaped pouches
Download configurations PDF

Equipment options

Optional Punch Shapes and Sizes
Tear notch, hanger hole, sombrero, corner round, handle hole.
Digital Readouts for Carriage Positioning
Provides a more precise location positioning with absolute or incremental settings. Inch and metric conversion provided.
Closed Loop Chiller System
For maintained chilled water supply.
Coreless Trim Rewinder
Easy change spools, traverse wound trim with small foot print.
Two Tier Conveyor with Stacking Gate
Allowing for cleaner stacking and product handling.
Vacuum Punch Slug Removal
This option provides a clean vacuum removal system for punch slugs.
Web Tracking Guide
Guides film at the front of the machine, allowing better accuracy for punches, web slitting and other pouch features. Eliminates side wander.

Momentum-610 specifications

Stand-Up pouch making machine
24 inch (610 mm)
Max pouch height
24 inch (610 mm)
Max lay-flat web width
52 inch (1321 mm)
Mechanical speeds
250 CPM
Max roll diameter
24 inch (610 mm)
Electrical requirements
208 / 220 VAC, 125 AMP
Standard core size
3 inch (76 mm)
Servo actuated machine air requirements
15 CFM @ 90 PSI
Min/max gusset size
0.5 inch - 4 inch (1.0 / 8 open) (13 / 102 mm)
12 GPM @ 50-55 °F
Min/max pouch width
3 inch - 12 inch without skip feed (300 inch with skip feed) (51/305 mm)