Shock bars use a 4KV power supply and will provide a spark/shock in close proximity to the bar. Shockless bars use a 5.8KV power supply and will not shock.

Acrylic adhesive is good up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and Silicone adhesive is good up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. There are two grades of tape. Standard Grade is preferred for most adhesive applications with a smooth surface and remarkable non-stick properties. Premium Grade is the smoothest surface for the most demanding applications.

Ball punches and die buttons are used in a continuous motion process. Saw tooth punches are used in an intermittent mode.

The punch-out ejection mechanism is used to remove the “chad” from inside of your saw tooth hole punches. There are sizes available for purchase for the 5/32″ hole punch and the 1/4″ hole punch.

Yes, anti-static belts are made from PVC material and help keep the web static free.

Chop it into small pieces and put the pieces into the hopper. Push the die soap through with excess resin to clean the screw and barrel. Add GoJo (without Pumice) for an ever better cleaning. Use Copper Mesh to rub the soap onto and off of the machine parts.

Poly/Dyne Test Pens are quick and convenient to use to determine treatment level between 38 to 40 dyne/cm. This unique pen is easy to read: when the level of the substrate is below 38 dyne/cm the ink is not visible, greatly improving operator accuracy.

GEC Stripper sets: regular rubber tipped strippers are good to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the high temperature rubber stripper sets are good up to 700* Fahrenheit.

Slotted blades are used to perforate the web only while un-slotted blades will fully slice the web.