Center seal

The Center Seal pouch making machine has the unique capability to produce center seal bags with or without gussets, lap seal, and fin seal style center seal.

Center seal

Standard features included

  • Fully adjustable forming system with NO shoe change required for pouch size change
  • Lowest scrap rates for short runs
  • Compact for a smaller footprint
  • Lap Seal or Fin Seal Pouches
  • Easy change overs

Pouch configurations

  • Fin seal
    Fin seal
  • Fin seal w/ gusset
    Fin seal w/ gusset
  • Lap seal
    Lap seal
  • Lap seal w/ gusset
    Lap seal w/ gusset
Download configurations PDF

Equipment options

Optional Punch Shapes and Sizes
Tear notch, hanger hole, sombrero, corner round, handle hole.
Digital Readouts for Carriage Positioning
Provides a more precise location positioning with absolute or incremental settings. Inch and metric conversion provided.
Coreless Trim Rewinder
Easy change spools, traverse wound trim with small foot print.
Vacuum Punch Slug Removal
This option provides a clean vacuum removal system for punch slugs.

Center seal specifications

Max lay-flat web width
30 inch (762 mm)
Max pouch height
3 inch - 24 inch
Max roll diameter
20 inch (508 mm)
Mechanical speeds
100 CPM
Standard core size
3 inch (76 mm)
Electrical requirements
220 VAC 3 Phase 60 AMPS
Min/max gusset size
0.5 inch - 1.375 inch
Servo actuated machine air requirements
Min/max pouch width
3.5 inch - 12 inch