Trim winder

The simple and easy to use design of Modern's Seal Integrity Tester allows the user to perform continuous testing of packaging seals on the production line.

Trim winder

With a simple yet sturdy design, our trim winders work with almost any converting line. Each winder includes a built-in dancer for intermittent motion systems, and tension adjustments can be performed quickly and easily.

  • Built-in dancer for intermittent motion systems
  • Traverse wind to allow high linear footage
  • Simple wind tension adjustments
  • Optional 3 inch core
  • Standard collapsible shaft for easy unloading (coreless)

The tester is set up by attaching local compressed air and a supply of water is added to the test chamber. It takes less than a minute for the operator to perform a vacuum test. Simply place the package in the chamber, close the lid and apply the vacuum. Once the chamber reaches the required setting, check for bubbles that would indicate a failed seal.

Trim winder specifications

Machine Speed
200 feet per minute / custom speeds available upon request
Machine Dimensions
28” (711 MM) / 28 ’’ (711 MM) / 28 ’’ (711 MM
Max Trim Width
3” (76 MM) / wider widths available upon request
Wind Dimensions
16” (406 MM) diameter / wind width 15 inch (381 MM)
Power Requirement
v110 or 220 VAC / 8 AMP (110 VAC ) 4 amp (220 VAC )